Thank You!

I am immensely grateful to over 500 customers from the US, Canada, Europe, and even Australia, who supported my passion for making custom dog clothing. During the last 5 years I shipped more than 1,600 orders. Of course this would not have been possible without an amazing team of seamstresses who helped scale production and refined my designs. Also it would not have happened without many of my friends who helped me with kind words and advice, volunteered as models and photographers, taught me how to interact with customers, how to plan inventory, and so much more. And most importantly, all of this would not have even started without Luna - the inspiration for the brand and a full time dog model.

How It Started

It all started when I got my first dog Luna-the-Samoyed, that became an inspiration for the brand and a full-time dog model for Furry Couture. Luna turned out to be a mud-seeking energizer-bunny. On a rainy day, she took no time to coat her fluffy snow-white legs and belly in dirt. Tired of washing her, I was determined to figure out a way to keep Luna clean while on walks. I've designed and created dog clothes that Luna felt comfortable to wear. I enjoyed making different outfits so much, I decided to turn this hobby into a small business. When I first opened the online store in March 2017 I couldn’t have imagined how fun, difficult, educational, and exhausting it would be to own a manufacturing & retail business!

Highlights and Fun Memories

These are just a few highlights that stuck with me.

First Customer

My first real paid order came from a customer in Norway. Norway! I was checking the tracking number every day until the package arrived because I was terrified it would get lost.

Goodwill Curtains

In the first year I used curtains from Goodwill as prototyping fabric which made all mock-ups smell like an old granny. Two years later I caught myself loading the whole roll of new(!) muslin into my cart and it made me happy.

Original Labels

The original “Furry Couture” labels that I sewed on my first products were made by my mom. She sent me a box with 20 labels that she made using her embroidery machine. My first though when I received them was “I don’t need that many…”.


The first event that I attended as a business owner was called "Pug-O-Ween Game of Pugs featuring the Pugs of Westeros". I had a few tables set up and was selling a small collection of themed cloaks and dresses made specifically for pugs.

Large Order

One lady from the UK ordered $2K+ worth of items and I spent the next month waking up and falling asleep at a sewing machine making stuff to fulfill the order. I was too embarrassed to tell her that my business was not equipped to handle volume.

Human Breed

I had a customer who ordered an outfit for a “4-year-old” and when I asked “what breed?” she said “human”.

Squirrel Hunter

The inspiration behind the "Squirrel Hunter" dog pants was Merlin - a well-known floofer who lives in WA state. My store went "from zero to one" after Merlin appeared in camo pants on his Instagram page and called them "Squirrel Hunter".


I've been writing all customer addresses by hand for 2 years until I accidentally discovered that it is possible to purchase a completely filled in shipping label via Etsy with just a few clicks. OMG!


I made a stegosaurus costume for a Saint Bernard. The idea was to cover the dog completely with an overall. The costume turned out to be huge but unfortunately it did not fit due to a design flaw. It was still a lot of fun to make!

Yard Signs

In the early 2020 I made 4 yard signs advertising my website and handmade fabric face masks on it. One of the signs remained untouched for the whole year. I picked it up in 2021 and decided to keep it as a souvenir.

Fabric Masks

I temporarily switched from making dog clothing to fabric face masks using the dog-themed fabric when the pandemic started. That's how I met most of my neighbors for the first time. I could easily spot them later by the paw-printed face masks.

Harley Quinn

In 2018 Luna and I participated in a Halloween costume contest where we were both Harley Quinns. I did Luna's makeup with safe-for-dogs markers. I also made her carry a smaller version of the baseball bat as we were demonstrating our costumes in front of the judges.

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